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In 2008 I retired from a career that started with 10 years in academic hard science (experimental nuclear physics) and continued with 28 years in software technology (operating systems and applications). I am now in the process of inventing the next version of myself. While I have been employed for most of my life, luckily it was usually in circumstances where I had a lot of control over the content and direction of my work. Nonetheless, it is strange to now be in a position to define my next career (or non-career) all by myself.

I am fortunate to have an example close to home of someone who has transformed herself very sucessfully. My wife, Candace Petersen, had an extremely productive career as a systems engineer and analyst. She went from that highly technical world to a new passion and is now a very accomplished pastel artist. I am not ready to give up technology quite as much, so expanding my existing interest in digital photography seems like a nice compromise between what I used to be and what I might become.


In 2009, Candace and I started a business called Shark River Design that provides services and products for local artists like ourselves. Some of my other personal interests are biking, kayaking, birding, skiing, snorkeling and home improvement. My favorite reading includes history, biography and historical atlases.


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